Merry Christmas From The Familia

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yes, I did make them try to get into the spirit of Christmas. Every year it's the same fight. they hate their costumes but this sure put a smile on everyone face that walks in the door. My Regina is only 8 months old she really can be pretty miserable when she wants to be, she was named after the Once upon a time series Regina and truly can be "The Evil Queen. Catrina is a little over 8 years old now and is as loveable as a cat can be.

Then below is our beloved Fonzo! He is not a happy cat either in his Christmas garb!

I think he was saying he is being humiliated!

Make sure you have one eye open while your sleeping.... hee hee
and you thought I was getting better..

Sometimes she does cooperate but had some
 pretty sarcastic tones!

Update: Catrina Passed away of cancer 09-19-2017

Now for my mad escape no one is looking!
Leave me alone or the penquin gets it!

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