Halloween Food Recipes and Graveyard Ghost Dirt Pie

Monday, October 31, 2011
A chocolate dirt pie for Halloween, perfect for any party!

Oreo Cookie Crust
 1 package mini marshmallows
 1 package nutter butter cookies
 1 package Oreo cookies (crush about 2 cups with a rolling pin inside of a zip lock bag.)
1 large package of instant chocolate pudding following package instuctions put in the refrigerator
2 cups whipped topping
red, blue and black pre made tube frosting
optional: gummy worms( to stick inside the dirt)  candy corn, or other Halloween candy of choice

Pour prepared  chocolate instant pudding into premade pie shell, top with whipped topping, crumble oreo cookies on top of pie. Cut nutter butters in half. Decorate with sayings of choice, initials R.I.P. etc. Let dry.
Use toothpicks to make ghosts with mini marshmallows and pipe with black icing the eyes.

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Happy Halloween!

From the Good Witch of the North that rode South !!


  1. First thing I thought:Dirt looks so real:))

  2. My mom used to make pudding pies, but never cool Halloween ones. I like that idea, now if I could only find crushed Oreo's in the store, they seemed to have disappeared around here.

  3. Your witchy look is perfectly gorgeous. And so is your Halloween dessert. Slurp....
    Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear.
    Cheers, Kristy ((hugs))

  4. That's so creative, Claudia! Love those recipes. Happy Halloween!

  5. Happy Halloween, I love all these spooky treats. Looks like you have been very creative in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing these links, good witch!

  6. SO fun!!! And yummy, too! Happy Halloween, my friend! Love your costume~

  7. That is one scary and creepy looking pate of hors d' oeuvres, good witch of the south!

  8. How to Quickly Cook Pasta.


  9. Ooooooo - creepy! LOVE this - so creative. Happy halloween!

  10. Love dirt cake :)
    What a cute witch you make. Did you go to any Halloween parties?

  11. Happy Halloween! Love the costume! Super cute idea with the marshmallow ghosts.

    ♥ Shia

  12. Hey Good Witch! I have been following you for a few years and your Halloween posts are always so inspiring. I remember making a bevy of your treats for my kids when they were coming home from night classes. Their eyes lit up. This cake is Halloween enchantment.

  13. dirt pie is always good! Love the little ghost. Happy Halloween :)

  14. I love this! Perfect dessert for Halloween.

  15. Gotta love dirt pie :) Cute ghosts, and very nice witch costume!

  16. Claudia, you look darling. You must be the good witch. Great Halloween treats. Thanks for sharing so many with us!

  17. If my grandchildren were younger, this blog would be superb for me.

  18. Good Witch of the South, I've been trying to comment on your Halloween treats, but some "spooks" must have interfered because on Halloween, my computer totally froze up in the evening, and could not even open up any blogs...even my own.
    Totally had to shut it off...even did a major defrag, now it's working somewhat better, so I can catch up w/ comments!

    Love your divine witch photo:DDD

  19. Dear Claudia, What a fun and delicious cake!! Your look adorable!! Blessings, Catherine xo

  20. This looks awesome! Great costume =)

  21. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I just love your blog. My kids would have loved me to make this halloween pie.


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