Zucchini Tips Tricks and Recipes

Friday, September 25, 2015
Whenever you get a great deal on zucchini or any fresh vegetable like tomatoes, we always want to make the most of it when it comes to food!

Don't be afraid to overbuy these wonderful versatile vegetables, you can use them all year long!

I have lots of ideal recipes for you using zucchini all different ways!

Shredded for fritters, or bread, cubed for toppings and stews, keep sliced in half for stuffing, zucchini is so versatile, I even make a zucchini pizza crust with it!

Here are some great tips to store zucchini and many ways to use it in recipes from sweet to savory.

Just a little prep and you're on your way to a great winter of amazing recipes to try to see below!

I love the ease of preparation to use this anytime I want all through the year!

This is of zucchini cut into many ways for zucchini recipes made with zucchini that was frozen to make various recipes all year long. Zucchini cubed, shredded, sliced and cut in half for stews, cakes, muffins and from savory to sweet recipes using zucchini  many suggestions on how to freeze zucchini for all winter long and keep it fresh to use zucchini for all your recipe needs

Recipes All Year Long

Summer, fresh vegetables in abundance and you can't use them all fast enough?

Here are some suggestions I have done for years that work great.

Easy to keep summer alive all year long, waste not want not my mom always said!

Prepare Away

Whatever you will use more of during the winter months, cubed, sliced or grated, just

prepare your squash how you will use it in your favorite recipes.

I grate more than I would slice it plus I like to freeze mine in cubes.

I also have a food saver machine, but freezer bags will be fine.

One cup or two cups of squash at the most per small quart size bag is what I use.

Again, go by your family size.

this is Italian green whole zucchini

Garden or Farmers Market

Zucchini and other squash are one of those versatile vegetables that go famously with so many recipes.

If you are lucky enough to have a green thumb to grow your own, this will be a great checklist of ideas for you.

No garden? Not a problem, just visit a local farmers market or like we always did, on the side of the road in the country.

These tips will be economical to use for all kinds of cooking methods, slow or pressure cooking, baked, friedstir fry and even grilled!

I have so many recipes suggestions for you also in my recipe index.

this is a zucchini quiche done in cupcakes tins

From Savory to Sweet Uses

Maybe you remember my delicious Low Carb Zucchini Cupcake Quiche or my  Zucchini Tomato Tart?

Our all-time favorite dessert is chocolate zucchini bread,  and our almond zucchini poppy seed cake, it's the best ever!

this is a tomato tart sliced on a plate with basil leaves on the white plate and a fork

Slicing and Stuffing

Easy to do slice in half,  hollow out each half, and freeze on a cookie sheet.

You can use parchment paper in-between for easy release.

No thawing necessary, stuff and bake or cook on the stovetop.

this is Italian green zucchini stuffed


Easy to use anytime and so convenient always ready to use!

Below you will find even more links to my favorites recipes.

Always take advantage of great sale prices or homegrown abundance of this wonderous vegetable!

We just love these zucchini appetizer bites!

this is zucchini slices baked like pizza chips


  • Use zucchini frozen, thawed and blotted dry for cakes, omelets, stews, fritters, stuffed
  • Frozen zucchini isn't good for salads, it's too soft
  • Layer it on a cookie sheet, freeze, and pop into freezer bags for easier use
  • Sliced zucchini frozen works better in a single layer then layered with wax paper in between
  • Shredded zucchini is fine just placed into freezer bags
  • Freezing whole zucchini sliced in half, hollowed out, are perfect for stuffing them later
  • Always safe a hollowed-out zucchini for any recipes that call for shredded zucchini, don't throw it away, just chop it finely and save
  • Remember zucchini has high water content and to always squeeze the water out before proceeding with any recipe
  • Zucchini stays fresh frozen for 8 months
  • If you don't like the seeds, scrape them out with the back of a spoon first before slicing them
  • Round slices can be used to bake and make zucchini appetizers  
  • You can do this with any kinds of summer squash that grates easily, slices easily or cubed

Zucchini Tips Tricks and Recipes Pin for later

This is a collage of zucchini recipes made with zucchini that was frozen to make various recipes all year long. Zucchini cubed, shredded, sliced and cut in half for stews, cakes, muffins and from savory to sweet recipes using zucchini

Zucchini Tip, Tricks and Recipeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEo8v6xYOpcthis is how to freeze zucchini

Zucchini Tips Tricks and Recipes

prep time: cook time: total time:
How to save zucchini to use all year long in your favorite recipes with recipe links, photos, and instructions for preserving in the freezer.


  • These instructions are for any green, yellow or fancy garden summer zucchini
  • below are some suggestions and tips on preserving in the freezer for 
  • stews, cakes from sweet to savory ideas.
  • Cookie sheets
  • Paper towels to drain off liquid
  • Freezer bags or containers
  • parchment paper


How to cook Zucchini Tips Tricks and Recipes

  1. Cube
  2. Grate
  3. Sliced thick
  4. Long Slices
  5. Whole sliced in halves and hollowed out save the middles or remove the seeds
  6. Sliced in Thick Rounds
  7. Cubed Zucchini for Stew and Soup
  8. Shredded Zucchini for bread and desserts and pizza crusts for vegetable style crusts IE quiche, desserts, cakes, baked muffins, bars or cookies, scrambled eggs.
  9. Sliced long in half Zucchini middles removed for stuffing freeze on cookie sheets and place into freezer bags
  10. Round slice thick for Zucchini pizza bites, frying or baked
  11. Grate Zucchini for quiche, desserts, cakes, baked muffins, bars or cookies
  12. Thinly sliced lengthwise to roll up for  rollatini recipes, thawed slightly
  13. After cutting into various styles for future use, some need thawing, some don't just blot dry excess moisture when thawed or ice crystals, with paper towels.
  14. For the shredded zucchini, place in freezer bags, before using in cakes, drain on paper towels, squeeze out water.
  15. Cubed zucchini place on a cookie sheet first, freeze until solid, remove and place in freezer bags. You can toss these into any stews or soups frozen.
  16. For easier removal always place parchment paper in-between to get whole zucchini or slices out easily (or wax paper).
  17. Again, most all styles of squash/zucchini should be blotted dry before using in recipes for baking, except cubed for stews, soups, you can just place them in the pot.
  18. The whole zucchini sliced in halves can be stuffed while still frozen and baked or cooked on the stovetop, keeping them frozen makes them easier to stuff and keep their shape.
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Zucchini Tips Tricks and Recipes Pin for later

This is a collage of zucchini recipes made with zucchini that was frozen to make various recipes all year long. Zucchini cubed, shredded, sliced and cut in half for stews, cakes, muffins and from savory to sweet recipes using zucchini

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Zucchini Tips and Tricks

Stuffed Zucchini

this is grated zucchini in a food processor

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  1. I only shred and freeze mine. I never considered having it in chunks. Great tip!

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  9. Can I thinly slice zucchini, fill with ricotta and freeze on a cookie sheet. This way my marinara won’t get watery when I defrost.

    1. before you stuff it you have to do this: slice your zucchini into thinner slices: thinner slices mean less zucchini, thus less water.
      Salt your zucchini and let it sit for 15 minutes: salt draws the water out of the zucchini blot dry with paper towels, then stuff it and freeze on the cookie sheet otherwise this will still be overpowering with liquid as it bakes with sauce hope that helps


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