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Picnic Pork Roast Marsala Recipe

I love this cut of pork called picnic style pork roast, the meat is so versatile. This is one way we enjoy this pork roast, of course with an Italian flair. We serve this with carrots and (as you can see the Traditional Sunday Sauce simmering in the background) a big dish of your favorite macaroni.)

Slow cooked on low heat in the oven makes this fall off the bone and of course the Marsala compliments the pork perfectly.

Seriously you can't over season this with herbs they make it over the top but you add as much as you like. Of course it comes out great in the slow cooker but the crispy outside from roasting gives this the wow factor.

Picnic Pork Roast Recipe

1 large roasting pan
1 3 to 4 pound picnic pork roast
whole garlic cloves around 4 split in half
Marsala wine around 1 cup
oregano dried around 2  teaspoons
parsley dried around 1 teaspoon
Italian seasoning with red pepper flakes in it around 1 tablespoon
salt, pepper to taste
granulated garlic generously over the entire top of the roast
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 cup stick carrots
1 bell pepper cut into strips

optional: whole onions peeled and quartered

In a large 13 x 9 oil sprayed pan pour the balsamic vinegar into the bottom. Add the picnic roasted into the pan. Cut slits and stuff the slits randomly all over the roast with garlic. Put the carrots in the pan. Generously sprinkle with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and herbs. Add the pepper strips along the bottom of the pan. Pour around 1 cup Marsala wine into the pan.
Cover with oil sprayed tin foil. Bake on low heat 350, preheated oven for around 2 1/2 to 3 hours until the outside is crispy looking. (If you prefer to do this in the slow cooker on low 6 to 8 hours , broil it after it's cooked till the outside crisps up in the oven.) Take the foil off if needed for browning the last 1/2 hour you can take the foil off and kick up the heat to 425 to brown the top.


  1. Never thought of using Marsala with a roast - sounds very good.

  2. I have that bottle of Marsala in the pantry... I think my husband would like this!


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