Potato and Egg Frittata

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Another breakfast in our Italian household was potatoes and eggs, we loved it. This Potato Frittata is a favorite in our home.

Fried sauteed potatoes in a fry pan with potatoes, eggs, peppers, and pepperoni mom called depression food in 1950's that would feed the family with melted cheese on top which is mozzarella

Fried sauteed potatoes in a fry pan with potatoes, eggs, peppers, and pepperoni mom called depression food in 1950's that would feed the family with melted cheese on top which is mozzarella

Way back when!

Mom and dad grew up in poor families with lots of kids. Their parents had to come up with many inexpensive ways to feed the family. This was one of those foods. The potatoes were inexpensive and often the eggs were given fresh from farms that friends and family owned back then. Back in the 1930's and 1950's this breakfast lunch or dinner was referred to as depression food.

It later became a family favorite. You can add more than just potatoes and eggs. Ham, pepperoni or whatever leftovers were in the refrigerator went into this frittata and everyone loved it. Fast, easy and delicious all in one pan meal. Mom would never let anything go to waste.

None of us really had a clue how tough money was back then, especially not by the way we ate. We didn't know that mom was trying to stretch the budget, and who cares it was great!

These were dishes we had at the end of the month when money was tight back in the 1950's for my family. It was all that the family could afford to eat left in the house, and if we were lucky enough we had it on bread or mozzarella on top for a real treat.

Three kids to feed and two adults, this went a long way and we loved it and still think its fabulous and was made with love like everything else they cooked.....

Looking back now on how creative my mom and grandma were, we look at these foods as the best cherished memories of our Italian heritage of foods growing up.
The simple foods in life are the finest of all and most satisfying.
A pretty simple recipe a very delicious breakfast, lunch or supper.

Potato and Egg Frittata

prep time: 5 MINScook time: 15 MINStotal time: 20 mins


4 eggs beaten with three tablespoons of water
1/4 cup of canola or more to cover the bottom of a small fry pan,
you also can use canola and olive oil mixed.
2 extra large potatoes peeled and cut into squares
1/2 cup whole milk mozzarella cheese sliced shredded
Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: sliced pepperoni, leftover cooked meats of any kind of deli meats, peppers sliced, any other kind of vegetables diced you prefer


In a medium size frying pan cover bottom of pan with around 4 tablespoons heat oil. Fry potatoes until light brown in color. Remove drain on paper towels. Pour eggs with reserved, 2 tablespoons of oil in hot pan cooking one side. Add potatoes back on top. Flipping once. Top with mozzarella, if your not ready to eat, put this in a warm oven till your ready to eat. You can serve with bacon on the side, sausage, ham. Serve in a sandwich or with Italian toast.

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  1. I love whipping up egg dishes when the fridge is a little bare and/or I haven't planned ahead for dinner. This kind of meal is a classic in my book.

  2. Oh yes! I was raised by a single mother who came to America from Germany. There were plenty of "stretching the budget" meals with potatoes and/or cabbage. Like you said, we didn't know that's what she was doing, we just loved the food!

  3. Looks great! I had potatoes and frittata for Sunday brunch as well!

  4. you gotta love the simplicity of it. you can't go wrong with potatoes, eggs and cheese, can you?

  5. Congrats for Top 9. This looks AWESOME...

  6. We make potatoes and eggs all the time for breakfast and sometimes we add cheddar cheese. I never thought of adding mozzarella. Yum!


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