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Best St. Patrick's Day Recipe Collection

       All the recipe links are at the end of the post to enjoy the festivities
      Happy St. Paddy's Day! Click the link under each photo for the recipes

                                                          Corned Beef

                                                                  Reuben Dogs

                                                          Colcannon Mashed Potatoes

                                               Thousand Island Dressing 

Guinness Chili
                                                         Open Faced Reuben

                              Old Fashioned Simple Reubens

                                                    Quick Rye Bread 

                                                    Pistachio Ambrosia Salad 

                                      Irish Whiskey Cake 

                              Irish Cream Chocolate Chips

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  1. Fine looking list and I especially like the three reubens.

  2. SO many terrific recipes, Claudia! Bill won't eat corned beef, so I love all the other options. I think I have to make those chocolate chip cookies, too!!!


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