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Garbage French Fries Recipe

I  know you've heard of garbage nachos right? Well these are garbage fries made with leftover chili and leftover barbecued chicken then smothered in extra sharp melted cheddar, sound good? 

Today we need comfort food as we brace for #Hurricane #IRMA. 
Garbage French Fries Recipe

French fried potatoes any kind or brand
Leftover barbecued chicken (boneless chicken)
Leftover chili
Lots of Extra sharp shredded cheese

Optional garnishes: sour cream, sliced olives, jalapenos 

Fry the potatoes in oil, drain on a paper towel. Add the chicken, chili and top with loads of shredded cheese place in the oven. Broil on low until everything is hot and melted.

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  1. That sounds and looks great! A very clever use of leftovers.


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