Jam Filled Bow Tie Cookies

Monday, November 30, 2020
This vintage recipe for Jam filled bow tie cookies are so delicate and delicious, this will be your go-to recipe for any cookie tray.

Just a warning, they smell so good baking you can hardly wait to eat them off the hot cookie sheet!

These buttery colorful gems are filled with a delicious filling from jams to nuts and fruits with my many suggestiosn below.

One of the unique characteristics of this cookie is how pretty they are to serve to look like a little bow for presents around the holiday especially filled with red jams.

They really look so cute on a cookie tray besides tasting delicious.

Growing up in an Italian household, you never knew what creative ideas would come out of the oven next and mom was always trying a new filling the dough is so versatile.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the printable recipe card.

a jam filled Italian Cookie Shaped into bow ties with powdered sugar


Sour Milk Chocolate Cake

Sunday, November 29, 2020
This sour milk chocolate cake is so moist and the perfect way to get rid of sour milk.

Mom would never throw away food, back in the 1940s things were tight for money and nothing went in the garbage, she always found a way to use it.

The cake was a simply delicious treat we would all look forward to and secretly happy the milk went bad.

As the years went on sometimes we would change it up with a filling or whipped cream topping, but it tasted great plain.

Chocolate cake from scratch can be intimidating but seriously this sour milk cake is super simple and perfect every time.

If you love homemade scratch cakes also try her Vintage Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake Recipe, it's fabulous.

Scroll down to the recipe card for this easy cake recipe and it's printable, read my other suggestions I have to make these different each time.

this is a homemade chocolate cake made with sour milk


Italian Amaretto Butter Cookies

Saturday, November 28, 2020
These Italian Amaretto Butter Cookies are a basic butter cookie that melts in your mouth with the first bite.

The popular butterball cookie is perfect for the holiday and back in the 1960s were referred to as snowballs.

This easy recipe can be modified easily with flavoring and nuts of choice but always dusted at the end and rolled into a snowy powdered sugar.

They make the perfect addition to any cookie tray around the holiday season.

We love Christmas time for baking cookies and you may also like to try several other holiday cookies we love that add that spirit to the season of baking.

The additions and changes are pretty much endless when you get creative so don't miss my optional suggestions below

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for this melt in your mouth simple buttery cookie recipe.

this is a Christmas sleigh full of butter cookies covered in powdered sugar that look like snowballs


One Stop Cookie Shop Recipes

Friday, November 27, 2020
The most wonderful time of the year, it really is especially to motivate baking cookies.

We just love the holiday season and usually start early, sometimes even as early as July, you heard of Christmas in July right?

Usually right after Thanksgiving or a few days before we start cookie baking day, and below you will find all are must-makes every year.

They all freeze great and I do have to keep an eye on them or they will all vanish before the holiday comes these cookies are all family favorites.

We have all the popular cookie jar cookies and some a little fancier, everyone has a different favorite cookie they enjoy and we usually make them all.

There are 24 kinds of cookies to choose from here for you today to choose from and if you don't see one you like check out my 25 Holiday Cookie Recipes.

It's like having your own cookie cookbook right here and that's why we call it our One Stop Cookie Shop!

Every year our family gets together to bake cookies.

My family in Utica, New York calls it their cookie bake day, and every year they set one day aside to make them all.

Here in Florida where I live sometimes, we have cookie exchanges but most of the time I usually pace myself for a whole month baking one at a time.

We also have favorite candy like Peanut Brittle, Salted Crack Candy, Coconut Rum Bon Bon Amaretto Pistachio Fudge, Rum Balls, Oreo Cookie Balls they're all perfect for gift-giving in pretty tins.

If you really get stuck for gift giving try my filled Mason Jars that have dried soups and other fun ideas to give to hard to buy folks.

If you don't see your favorite cookie chances are you will find it by searching my blog on here in the top right corner.

Enjoy! Happy baking and have a delicious holiday baking season there is something for everyone here do not miss my tips on mailing cookies, freezing cookies, and storing them!


Twice Baked Sweet Potato Recipes

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
If you love making twice-baked regular potatoes then using sweet potatoes will be a bonus to your recipe collection.

These sweet potatoes can be cooked several different ways and if you're in a hurry microwaved over baking is the way to go.

A versatile list of toppings below is provided from sweet to savory filled or topped that will be enjoyed by everyone for a variety.

Twice-baked sweet potatoes are a compliment to any meats especially for holidays like Thanksgiving along with turkey or an Easter ham.

These can even be made in advance and just reheated so no problem making them two days before a big dinner is planned.

I love all the options here and can't pick just one I like the best so I make a little of all of them and let my company be the judge.

Also, check out some of our other favorite sweet potato easy recipes like our delicious Sweet Potato Rolls or our Amaretto Potato Casserole.

Scroll down to get this easily printable recipe and print some copies everyone is going to ask you for the recipes!

these are stuffed sweet potatoes twice baked with various topping like pecans, marshmallows and red cherries with coconut


Italian Stuffed Artichokes

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Stuffed Artichokes were always a favorite at any holiday meal.

Mom always made these for Thanksgiving or Easter if they looked good in the supermarket.

If the artichokes weren't very fresh she would skip the fresh ones and use canned and make Baked Artichokes.

Since artichokes are one of my favorite side dishes I also enjoy them all summer long with my Artichoke Stuffed on the Grill recipe.

If you haven't tried making stuffed artichokes they really are addicting and everyone loves eating this flower trying to get to the tastiest part, the heart inside.

The heart is soft and after removing the top part of the leaves, delicious delicate soft vegetables bursting with garlic and laced with breadcrumbs.

Scroll down for the recipe and see the easy instructions on how to clean, eat, cook, and buy perfect artichokes.

these are Italian stuffed artichokes ready to cook stuffed with bread crumbs cheese and spices


Honey Glazed Spiral Cut Ham

Monday, November 23, 2020
Honey Glazed Spiral Cut Ham is the most delicious almost candy-coated sweetness to complement this meat, it's over the top delicious and addicting.

We usually just made ham on Easter then everyone loved this recipe so much it was another addition to Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas Day.

With these delicious ingredients, it was no surprise, this ham was super delicious, melted in our mouth, juicy, tender, and sweet, a great addition to my recipe collection.

Mom always made ham this way but using seven up instead of pineapple juice, and loaded it with maraschino cherries (which you can still decorate the ham with).

I really loved this recipe and wanted to share it with everyone. It is super easy and the ingredients compliment the ham perfectly.

Once you try this simple glaze for your ham you'll be hooked like the rest of us, it's so darn delicious and don't miss our Holiday Side Dishes and 30 Appetizer Ideas!

The recipe is printable on the recipe card below and if you bring this to a family gathering, print off multiple copies of this recipe, everyone will ask you for it.


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats

Sunday, November 22, 2020
Here is a fun family cookie for Thanksgiving for the kids to make and so easy, Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats!

Not only are they easy to make they are sure delicious using these fudge striped cookies and peanut butter cups.

They will love making these candy topped cookies with decorative frosting, check out the video for some tips and see how easy these are to make.

The cookies even make a fun little centerpiece on the table with such a festive colorful look.

Have fun! They taste great and so easy! Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats Tutorial such a fun cookie for the holiday.

Scroll down to the printable instructions for this fun family cookie project for the holiday.

these are store bought cookies made into pilgrim hats

Festive and Fun

I love finding projects to do with the kids.

This is one that is so easy and fun they just love to make them as fast as they eat them!

The cookies are store-bought or you can make my girl scout samoas cookies without the coconut topping.

We have made cute festive foods like doll cakes, santa cookies.

I love to get creative and make lasting memories with them.

this is a tutorial and video on how to make Thanksgiving Pilgrim hats out of store bought cookies and peanut butter cups. These are simple instructions to make the cutest little pilgrim hats that are festive for the Thanksgiving Day Cookie Trays and tables

Ingredients You Need to Have

  1. canned frosting
  2. unwrapped miniature (NOT mini) peanut butter cups
  3. fudge striped cookies
  4. colorful sugars and candies
  5. food coloring

these are peanut butter cups on top of cookies to look like Pilgrim Hats for Thanksgiving

Additions and Suggestions

  1. use any tinted frosting for the rim add mini m and m's or tiny pieces of bubblegum for the buckle
  2. for a colorful sparkle add colorful sugars on the rim of the hat
  3. turn the cookie over for the stripe effect and add a ruffle around the candy for a girl style hat
  4. decorate the top of cakes or cupcakes with these hats for a festive dessert
  5. for Halloween try making my Witches Hats
  6. for St. Patrick's Day use a Rolo candy, frost the rolo and the cookie with green frosting

this is a tray of Pilgrim hats made with fudge stripe cookies and frosting with peanut butter cups in the center

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Ice cream cone Easter Baskets

Tropical Beach Cake

Jello Tropical Cups

these are store bought cookies, peanut butter cups and made into Pilgrim Hats

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats Pin for later

this is a pin for later on how to make Pilgrim Hats for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Treats

Not only are these a delicious fun treat to make, but they are also so festive.

These Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats, are so much fun on a cookie tray, topping cakes or cupcakes or just around a table centerpiece on a tray.

The cookies are pretty and easy to make for the kids and the young at heart.

The kids love to make these and it's such a fun memory to make with them!

Of course the peanut butter cups are always a big hit and the first thing they eat, enjoy.

Thanksgiving  Pilgrim Cookie Hats

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats

Yield: 18
Author: Claudia Lamascolo
Prep time: 10 MinTotal time: 10 Min
This is a fun project for Thanksgiving making Pilgrim Hats out of store-bought ingredients and super easy for the kids to make. They also make a great holiday centerpiece for the table.


  • Here's what you need to get: 
  • 1 bag of unwrapped miniature ( not mini's)peanut butter cups  around 18 in a package
  • 1 package fudge striped cookies 
  • canned frosting or use homemade frosting 
  • food coloring red, yellow to make orange
  • wax paper to set them on
  • Note: candies for the hats and colored sugars are optional, you can make them with frosting and pipe them on with frosting and a pastry bag filled with a round tip.


  1. Unwrap the candy.
  2. Place the cookies flat side up.
  3. Place a dab of frosting in the middle of the candy then place the peanut butter cup on top of the cookie.
  4. Pipe yellow frosting around the rim of the hat and decorate with a little orange rectangle or use colorful candies for the middles in any color.
  5. Frosting:
  6. 2 to 3 cups powdered sugar
  7. water
  8. shortening like Crisco
  9. food coloring red and yellow
  10. In a small bowl add about 2 cups of powdered sugar.
  11. Use a few yellow food coloring drops.
  12. A few teaspoons of water and 1 tablespoon Crisco. Mix until smooth and still thick.
  13. Add more powdered sugar if it's runny.
  14. Needs to be thick and hold the hat on top of the cookies.
  15. In another bowl make the same recipe above.
  16. For the orange mix 1 drop of red with 3 drops yellow.
  17. Follow the same procedure.
  18. Place inside a lunch size plastic baggie cut the end off where it points.
  19. Add frosting to the baggie.
  20. Proceed with decorating the cookie hats.



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


Carbs (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Net carbs


Sugar (grams)


Protein (grams)


Sodium (milligrams)


Cholesterol (grams)

Pilgrim Hats made with fudge stripe cookies, Peanut butter Pilgrim Hats, Holiday Hats, Thanksgiving Pilgram Hats, Semi Homemade cookies
cookies, semi homemade cookies, Thanksgiving Cookies
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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cookie Hats Pin for later

this is a tutorial and video on how to make Thanksgiving Pilgrim hats out of store bought cookies and peanut butter cups. These are simple instructions to make the cutest little pilgrim hats that are festive for the Thanksgiving Day Cookie Trays and tables

Don't Forget to Try Some Other Fun Holiday Food Art Recipes!

Christmas Ice Cream Cone Trees

Graham Cracker Christmas House

these are store bought cookies made into pilgrim hats

Disclosure: This recipe was originally shared in 2013. It was edited and re-published in 2020.


Chicken Scampi

Saturday, November 21, 2020
Chicken Scampi is a delicious alternative for those allergic to seafood and this sauce is the same used in that dish.

The chicken is seasoned, sauteed, and then coated in a buttery wine and lemon sauce that just compliment this dish perfectly.

A versatile style scampi that can be served just as it is or with any of the many suggestions I have below listed.

This fork-tender chicken is so flavorful, the flavors are fragrant with just the right blend of spices coating the chicken.

Even if you are a shrimp seafood scampi lover, using chicken is a nice change and just as easy to make using the same ingredients.

I loved the addition of red pepper flakes on top to give this dish a little heat.

If you love these flavors on seafood, you will be loving how delicious this wine sauce is on the sauteed boneless chicken breast.

All my seafood lovers can still certainly make the original recipe we love calling for a Seafood Scampi or recipes from our Christmas Eve Seafood Roundup.

Scroll down to get this easily printable recipe!

this is chicken scampi in a large Italian bowl with pasta in the bottom and lemons on top


Copycat Soft Sugar Loft Cookies

Friday, November 20, 2020
A favorite copycat soft sugar loft cookie you'll find in the supermarkets for every holiday.

Sugar loft cookies are a soft delicious sugar cookie everyone loves.

We love to use holiday cookie cutters for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Patriotic holidays of course Halloween and Christmas.

This one dough will be perfect for any birthday or party by just changing the colors of the frosting and using with coordinating cookie cutter with pretty sprinkles.

These cookies aren't overly sweet and the frosting adds just the right blend of flavors!

These are also great for fund raisers and bake sale events wrapped and labeled.

Everyone loves these cookies and it's the first recipe I think of even when I want to decorate the top of the cake with a cookie form frosted.

Check out this copycat recipe, I am sure you will be excited about the outcome!

This recipe uses simple pantry ingredients and so easy the kids can help!

Scroll down to print this easy recipe, you will find after one taste you will never buy the supermarket brands again!

this is a collage of loft cookies


Pies Pies and more Pie Recipes

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Holiday time, especially around Thanksgiving, our family always makes an assortment of pies for desserts and it was also the kick-off to our Christmas Cookie Baking Season!

The problem with holiday desserts is everyone in the family has a different favorite pie, so we fixed that here by giving you the most asked for pies!

Some of our family loves cream pie, others love fruit pies and there are those who adore no-bake cheese pies.

Through the years we have made the best-assorted pie recipes and always make at least five different kinds for the Thanksgiving Day menu.

There is something here for everyone in this delicious variety below to choose from.

If you have a favorite pie not listed just check in my search bar since not every pie recipe I make can be listed here but I will post the most popular pies we love.

Pumpkin Pie is always a must make for the fall season and not a piece is left of our homemade scratch pie even after a big meal it's so delicious.

Scroll through this collection of wonderful pies and just click the name links for these delicious recipes.

this is a round collage of pie recipes


Stuffed Squid (Calamari) In Tomato Sauce

Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Stuffed Squid (Calamari) in delicious Italian Fresh Tomato Sauce is an Italian traditional meal served on Christmas Eve.

This has always been one of the 7 fishes served on our Italian tables.

We enjoy this traditional seafood banquet and absolutely love these gourmet treats during the holiday like baccala and make a fresh tomato sauce for this dish using Mom's Marinara Sauce Recipe.

I am truly blessed to have a family that kept the traditions from generation to generation and my children will do the same.

For this family, the traditional Christmas Eve recipe that printable, scroll down to the recipe card and print it off.

this is how to make one of the 7 fish on Christmas Eve Stuffed Calamari. This calamari is in a rich tomato sauce that has a stuffing inside and is an Italian tradition on Christmas Eve


Spumoni Biscotti Recipe

Monday, November 16, 2020
Spumoni Biscotti is a delicious Italian baked treat that tastes just like the popular Italian ice cream but only in a cookie form.

The cookies are loaded with the same great flavors like cherry and almond.

These just shout holiday because they are vibrant in the colors of Christmas and perfect for gift giving.

The batter is fragrant with a delicious almond spumoni mouth-watering aroma and these cookies are truly addicting.

They are the perfect addition to any holiday tray adding beautiful color that certainly creates a Christmas festive look.

I loved the addition of dipping the ends in colorful frosting to add the perfect touch of sweetness.

The batter is super simple to make and everyone raves about the flavors especially if you're a spumoni ice cream lover.

If you love biscotti do try our other favorites like Cranberry Orange and Pistachio Almond Biscotti recipe

Scroll down to get this easy homemade scratch cookie recipe and it's printable!

this is a christmas biscotti that taste like spumoni ice cream in a cookie form


Lemon Ricotta Cake

Sunday, November 15, 2020
Lemon Ricotta Cake is a tender addicting flavor for all lemon lovers.

The cake is not overly sweet and made from scratch with all easy pantry ingredients.

Not only is this cake super simple to make but so versatile for serving.

This cake tastes great plain, with fruits and whipped cream or even layered with pudding.

The freshness of grated lemon peel and the ricotta makes this light but not overly sweet in taste.

However you decide to serve this homemade Italian cake, it's just elegant with just a sprig of mints and a twist of fresh lemon on top, what can be easier?

If you love lemon do try one of my other favorite cake recipes and a no-bake, Lemon Lady Finger Cake

Scroll down to get this easy homemade printable lemon scratch cake recipe.

this is a lemon cake with powdered sugar on top and mint


Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Friday, November 13, 2020
Broccoli Cheese Casserole is a family favorite here in our home.

Melted shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese and stuffing a favorite vegetable all in one casserole?

You won't find a better side dish for any meal you make that this one.

To get kids to eat vegetables is like pulling teeth sometimes, but this is one they always gobbled up and now it's the most asked for during a holiday meal.

Every year no matter where we spend Thanksgiving, this is the casserole dish I am asked to make.

There are never any leftovers either!

Scroll down and print off the recipe and see how easy this Broccoli Cheese Casserole is and read my suggestions options if you're not a broccoli fan!


Amaretto Sweet Potato Casserole

Thursday, November 12, 2020
Amaretto Sweet Potatoes can we the sweetest surprise on your Holiday tables!

These Sweet Potatoes can be done with a crunchy praline topping, marshmallow or leave plain.

a wonderful side dish for your holiday tables.

This is a side dish that makes the perfect compliment to Turkey, ham or any meats you like.

The kids love it with this nutty flavor and sure feels and taste like a fall dessert more than a vegetable.

If you can't find Amaretto Liquor do try making my recipe for Homemade Amaretto it's perfect for this casserole dish.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for this delicious recipe.

baked sweet potato casserole with a hint of Amaretto for the Thanksgiving table


Chicken Eggplant Sorrento

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Chicken Eggplant Sorrento is a stacked gourmet chicken breast with eggplant and Italian sauce with cheeses.

We just love eggplant and this is pretty much all cooked and can be even done the day before and heated up when needed for a great family dinner.

Working long hours in retail, this is a win-win recipe for me to just pop in the oven during the holiday season or when we have unexpected guests, this meal freezes perfectly.

I love making this ahead of time because all the flavors are enhanced the next day.

This creative Italian dish was one grandma would throw together with leftover eggplant parmesan and Sunday Tomato Meat Sauce and I adapted it easily.

Mom back then in the 1960s worked in a supermarket so we were lucky to get all the ingredients we needed extra.

That how I learned to make this meal easier with setting up a breading and coating station, cooking them on a cookie sheet then a quick assembly.

This chicken is then sliced in half, topped with eggplant, sauce, ricotta, and other cheeses, and voila the perfect all in one pan meal.

This sauce is so fresh tasting and the little bit of wine in it accents the chicken and eggplant while baking.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for my printable easy recipe.

this is a photo of chicken stacked with eggplant, fresh tomato, ricotta cheese and baked on a white plate


Italian Pizzelle Waffle Cookie

Monday, November 9, 2020
Grandma's recipe for Italian pizzelle waffle cookies, go back 100's of years and this recipe remains the best one to use year after year without fail.

Back in the 1970s around Christmas time (sometimes Easter), Grandma, mom and I would makeover 50 to 60 waffle pizzelle cookies and give them away to family and friends.

The waffles are made on a pizzelle maker and can be so many different flavors or just plain vanilla, depending on what you prefer, I will give you many suggestions below.

These are very thin crispy waffle cookies that can be made in many flavors, anisette being the most popular.

I love making these they are the perfect cookie with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, for snacking on and are just an addictive holiday delight.

If you love crispy cookies, these will be a new favorite in your home and they are super simple to make.

We make many memories during the holiday season with foods like our Christmas Eve Italian Recipes, Christmas Day Recipes and we have around 24 Assorted Kinds of Cookie Recipes we love we make every year.

Don't miss my tips and suggestions below before making these for the best results.

Just scroll down to my printable recipe card for this delicious pizzelle waffle cookie recipe.

this is a cookie made on an Italian Waffle Cookie that is cooked to a golden brown color sprinkled with powdered sugar lemon, anise or vanilla flavored in the photo


Wine Drop Cookies

Saturday, November 7, 2020
Growing up mom would make these cookies called Wine Drop they have no wine in them and an easy soft drop molasses cookies.

The cookies are cake-like consistency and found in many local bakeries in Utica, New York, one, in particular, I remember as a child was Hemstroughts bakery.

These simple old fashioned molasses cookies were fragrant with sweet molasses, spices, and a little more fluffy than any chewy versions of these cookies.

The batter is not thick like other cookie recipes but so much more of a cake batter that bakes up light and fluffy.

They were dropped by tablespoons on the cookie sheet and made into round soft molasses cakes and perfectly round.

I loved the addition of powdered sugar on top but they didn't need a thing and go perfectly with milk, coffee, or tea.

To this day I still have no idea why they were called wine drop cookies but mom always said molasses is good for you so she made several versions using that delicious sweet syrup.

If you love molasses do try these and some of our other family old-style favorites like Pumpkin Spice, and of course the Old Fashioned Chewy Style Molasses Cookies.

Scroll down to get this easy homemade scratch cookie recipe and it's printable!

this is a stack of 3 cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar called wine drop cookies


Italian Fried Bow Ties (Farfellette) Cookies

Friday, November 6, 2020
I love these delicate fried bow tie dough ribbons that show up on the table every Christmas.

These are so addicting you can't stop eating them.

The crispy fried puffs of dough are so delicate and quite fragile with this delicious snowy sugar on top.

Grandma and mom spent hours rolling, cutting, and frying these to give away to family and friends around the holiday.

My Aunt Mary (grandma's daughter) also helped her own sister in law that actually sold these in Schenectady, N.Y., so we had an authentic recipe.

We called them wands in Utica, New York, or bow ties, Guanti, farfellette, and sometimes cenci (rags)

Don't be afraid to tackle this recipe, they're really easy to make and a must-try if you remember them in your family as a kid.

They happen to be my favorite little fried cookie and I was petrified to make the first time.

Honestly, there is nothing to it.

These bow ties are at the top of my list for Italian holiday cookies, like my other fried favorites including Struffoli (fried honey-covered balls), Italian Fried Panzerotti (fried stuffed pizza dough), and fried dough (zeppole).

Scroll down and check out the easy photos, instructions.

These are Italian fried cookies called bow ties


Meatball Stew

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Meatball Stew is the easiest most delicious fast comfort food and very economical to feed a large family.

If you love Italian meatballs in a rich hearty sauce, this is the meal of your dreams!

The kids love it, leftovers are great and even can be used to top pasta or rice, what can be easier?

Making a flavored ground beef is all you need to make an old-fashioned fabulous stew, and served with my "Easy No-Knead Bread" recipe will go perfectly with this stew.

We love all kinds of stews and you may also like our Mississippi London Broil Pot Roast is one of our all-time favorites!

This quick and simple recipe is a family favorite and the kids as adults still ask for it.

Of course, you can use other meat suggestions and I will give them to you in the recipe if you're not a big fan of Italian style meatballs.

this is a le creuset pan full of meatball stew


Italian Fried Ravioli

Monday, November 2, 2020
If you love delicious easy appetizers these Italian Fried Ravioli are going to be your favorite snack to serve any time of the day.

Store-bought ingredients or homemade ravioli are wonderfully fried, baked, or air fried.

I love using flavored ravioli stuffed with other ingredients like lobster ravioli, spinach ravioli, or any other ones you love in the frozen foods section of your supermarket.

Not only are these simple to make they are perfect to feed a large crowd for any party events.

Check out my other Game Day Appetizers and Fun Party Appetizers we love.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for these easy instructions

these are fried ravioli on a white plate with pecorino romano cheese and marinara sauce


Classic Pumpkin Roll with Creamy Cheese Filling

Sunday, November 1, 2020
Classic Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling is easier to make than it looks.

The cake is made in a sheet jelly-roll style pan, it's very thin and filled with a gourmet mascarpone and cream cheese filling.

Don't like this cake intimidate you, it's so simple to make with my tips and suggestions.

Seriously this cake is the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving Day table, although I must admit I make it as soon as the pumpkin season arrives.

You may also love my 4 Ingredient Pumpkin Cake which is super easy to make also!

Check out my easy instructions.

If you love Pumpkin and Cheesecake, do try our Amaretto Pumpkin Cheesecake and our Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares, those are two more favorites in our recipe collection.

Just scroll down to the printable recipe card at the bottom for this delicious holiday and fall recipe.

this is a pumpkin style roll cake filled with a creamy cheese filling