Grandma's Chicken Thighs Sauce and Peas

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I just love to make recipes that remind me of my grandmother Victoria. Her chicken thighs sauce and peas was the best! 

 A easy depression food back in the 1960's, now a delicacy to me!

Grandma's Chicken Thighs Sauce and Peas


Banana Mango Muffin

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
I am not sure I have ever made a muffin I didn't love! This combination of flavors is just perfect for the mango season and lovers. The banana, mango compliments this muffin to the next level of sweetness!

Banana Mango Muffin


Easy Slow Cooker Beer Pot Roast

Here is an Easy Slow Cooker Beer Pot Roast Recipe that everyone goes crazy for.
The flavors are over the top delicious in this melt in your mouth roast. I love using the slow cooker, the best part is that the meat falls apart and you can get an inexpensive cut and make it taste gourmet! Join me in this recipe as I sit here with a loaf of Italian bread to sop up the great juices it make

This is a yellow ceramic dish filled with beer stew that has been slow cooked in a slow cooker all day in a sauce with peas, carrots, potatoes, pot roast that is juicy and fork tender beef roast


Easy Mango Pineapple Dump Cake

Sunday, July 23, 2017
This mango pineapple cake recipe is so easy to make. Truth is even anyone with no baking skills at all can do it and will be asked to make this recipe time and time again. You can thank me later after you try this awesome delicious dump cake.

 An easy cake made with pineapple, mango and a cake mix! Easy Mango Pineapple Dump  in a dessert glass dish with a cherry on top


Easy Baked Boneless Pork Chops

Friday, July 21, 2017
These are an easy baked boneless pork chop. If you love pork you will love these they are juicy and full of flavor.

these are an easy baked pork chop in an oven bag or slow cooker with a mushroom soup and spice with mushrooms


Freeze Your Mango For Later Video

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Now you can have mango all year long, take a look at my tips for keeping this fresh and at your fingertips in the winter!

a tutorial on how to freeze and store an abundance of fresh mango and ideas for later uses


Easy Peeled Plum Tomatoes Instructional Video

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do you love tomatoes, make fresh sauce from them or just want to can them? Stop and check out my easy instructions on how to take the skins off your plum tomatoes. Here are some tips and a quick video.

Easy Peeled  Plum Tomatoes


Chocolate Cookies and Cream Icebox Cake

Monday, July 17, 2017
Who had graham crackers pudding icebox cake and loved it as a child? Well even as an adult it's hard to pass up. Take a look at the next generation of icebox cake.

This is really the easiest dessert in the whole world. Cookies and cream icebox cake such a change to the classic graham cracker and pudding icebox cake. What can bring someones heart back to their childhood more than cookies and cream with chocolate pudding?

A childhood dessert with chocolate cookies, whipped cream called icebox cake that mom would make. Always using a glass dish to see through to see tall layers of cream and cookies like in the photo


Panzanella Salad Recipe and Video

Sunday, July 16, 2017
Oh the taste of freshness with basil, garlic, tomato, cucumber, over a soft inside and crunchy outside, parmesan herb bread. You are surely in for a treat with the taste of summer in this plate... This is a Tuscan salad from Central Italy.

This is an Italian delicious salad with tomato, croutons, salad, italian, dressing,


Roasted Red White and Blue Potatoes Vegetables Medley

If you love vegetables as much as I do you are going to love these! I can eat these at any meal as a side dish and they go great with any meats! You can roast all vegetables on a cookie sheet or a with or without potatoes for all you healthy low carb watchers as an option!
You decide which vegetables you and your family love. If you are a potato lover than you can do all roasted potatoes. Check out both recipes. The red, white and blue potatoes are perfect for any Patriotic themed holiday or backyard picnic. The vegetables are also perfect and vegetables lovers are going to love the roasted flavors.

this is a recipe for any and all vegetables roasted in the oven on this dish is zucchini, peppers, carrots, potatoes


Best Bing Cherry Muffin

Saturday, July 15, 2017

One of my all time favorite recipes. These are the best Bing Cherry Muffins you will ever eat!

Summer is always full of fresh fruits. Cherries aren't around long. Usually fresh bing cherries don't last a day in our home.

I have to buy twice the amount just to make these! They sure are worth waking up too.

Breakfast muffins chock full of chopped fresh cherries all in a sweet muffin with or without butter are fantastic!

These are muffins baked with fresh cut up sweet bing summer cherries. They are sweet, moist muffins with chopped cherries inside baked on a fruit designed plate


Drying Herbs Tips and Instructions

Friday, July 14, 2017

Oh how I love fresh herbs, how about you? Well this year I was able to get a great crop on many. I have a short clip below to show you my herb garden. Hope you get to have some fresh herbs growing in your kitchens or garden this year they make the best in flavors in all your soups and stews!

Drying Herbs Tips and Instructions in the garden, growing your own herbs for savory meals, easy to dry herb instructions


Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

Thursday, July 13, 2017

This is one of those easy peasy recipes that's perfect when unexpected guests come for coffee. You can't go wrong with raspberry oatmeal bars. Come take a look I promise you will love these!

An old fashioned cookie bar filled with raspberry jam and has an oatmeal crust


Best Zucchini Fritter

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
A fritter that is so full of flavors you will be addicted. I make these often when zucchini is in abundance in the summer time. We just love these as an appetizer or side dish!

These are by far the best zucchini fritters I have ever eaten!

These are shredded zucchini mixed with herbs, spices and deep fried into a fritter on a white plate and rosemary on the plate for garnish


Mandarin Orange Pineapple Coleslaw

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mandarin Orange Pineapple Coleslaw is a sweet delicious side dish that goes great with barbecue or fish. I was never a big fan of coleslaw until I had it with mandarin oranges and pineapple.


Italian Lemon Ice

Sunday, July 9, 2017
A delicious slushy type of Italian Lemon flavored ice that is the most refreshing way to cool off on a hot day.During the hot summers in Upstate Utica, New York, we couldn't wait until all the Italian pastry shops started to put this back on their menu after a long hard winter. This is found in most Utica, New York specialty bakeries.

utica new york Italian lemon ice is a frozen Italian lemon confection that freezes into a creamy lemon almost sherbet style ice cream. The ice is very popular in Italian. this lemon ice is in a white ice cream dish


Elegant Meringue Cups

Saturday, July 8, 2017
I just love an elegant wow factor dessert to make, this is my go to when I want to impress people at a social gathering. Guess what? These Elegant Meringue Cups are so quick and easy you won't believe it. Everyone raved about them and there's a quick video to view too. Check it out!

Meringue Cups that are filled with raspberry, blueberries, fresh pureed fruit and lemon curd. These meringue cups are an elegant dessert cup filled with delicious fresh fruits and an elegant dessert love in calories to serve guests.


Jello Popsicles

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I think there is a child in all of us? Well these Jello Popsicles brought me back to my childhood days when mom would make these amazing jello pops.

They were inexpensive and we made them together all summer long.

Oh the great memories. Always think of her and the great times in the kitchen through cooking.

this is a popsicle made with jello molded into a popsicle mold then frozen into this popsicle shaped with a stick in it. It is on the blue cover shell top of the popsicle mold.


Sugar Free Flag Cheese Pie

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Oh how I love to decorate the holiday themes, This sugar free flag cheese pie was so delicious you would never know it's sugar free. Now that my youngest son has diabetes, we are making more and more desserts that are healthier. Who knew healthy could taste this good?

This is a flag shaped cheese pie in a rectangular glass pan with whipped cream, blueberries, sliced strawberries and baked pie crust to make this creative pattern


Grandma's Vanilla Strawberry Cream Cupcake

Monday, July 3, 2017
Although grandma wasn't as fancy in her presentation it never mattered, these vanilla strawberry cream cupcakes would be gobbled up so fast I almost didn't get one! I even tried to hide one! Now I make a double batch and get mine first hee hee

Grandma's Vanilla  Strawberry Cream Cupcake


Best Grilling Recipes

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Get grilling with these easy barbecue recipes to feed your crowd!
These are all mouth watering best grilling recipes for your backyard grilling party! Some unique like pizza and using tequila. Lots of grilling recipes ideas for a delicious barbecued picnic!
This great collection of fabulous grilling recipes starts off with meats, then great grilled side dishes and ends with a delicious tropical fruit kabob.
If you want to fire up the grill with something fun we just hit the jackpot. Check out all the delicious ideas and more as you scroll through the jackpot of grilling ideas below.

Guinness Beer Sauce For Ribeye Steaks

This is a ribeye in guinness sauce on the grill fired up to have a barbecue in the backyard for the Holiday. Best ribeye cooked in guinness and medium rare for the perfect bite . This steak is juicy and marinated perfectly.