Best Split Pea Soup with Ham

Sunday, January 31, 2021
Easy to make and comforting split pea soup with Ham was a favorite growing up.

This inexpensive soup kept us warm during those cold blustery snow months in Upstate New York.

Grandma always seemed to get the right flavors when it came to soups.

If you love this soup, you might want to take a peek at my Best Soup Roundup of Recipes!

Soups can be made on the stovetop, slow-cooked in a crockpot, and even in the instant pot on the pressure cooker mode when in a hurry.

One of the best-kept secrets is just saving a ham bone from a holiday meal.

I usually throw the bone in a freezer bag and make this with it, or even save a pork shoulder bone that will also make it very flavorful, just save the bone!

For those who are huge bean lovers, you may also like to try my 20 Different Bean Recipe Roundup.

Scroll down to the bottom to get this printable delicious easy soup recipe.

this is a bowl of split pea soup with hearty thickness of vegetables in it like potatoes, carrots onions and broth.


Eight 30 Minute Meals

Saturday, January 30, 2021
Here are eight tasty recipes that are done in 30 minutes or less and perfect for weeknight meals when you have a super busy schedule and still fabulous.

We are featuring Italian, Mexican, and a mix of Thai and Asian flavors today, and all of these entrees are quick and easy.

The recipes can be adapted to whatever ingredients you prefer to mix and match and get creative with your own touch and additions to any of these recipes below.

If you love easy to prepare recipes these will be a terrific addition to your recipe collection.

Most of these recipes are done on the stovetop in a skillet and some made in less than 30 minutes.

You can even save time by using cooked meats the night before and just adding them to these basic meals.

All eight recipes are kid-approved and they always come back for a second helping and these are just a few of great meal plans for the week.

Scroll through the photos and descriptions to see which recipes appeal to you and your family print off the recipe card at the end for all these quickly prepared recipes.

this is a collage of 8 30 minute meals quick and easy


Apple Blueberry Baked French Toast

Friday, January 29, 2021
No more standing in front of a hot stove dipping, dripping, and flipping french toast!

This is the easiest method ever!.

Just mix the batter, pour over bread, and bake.

The kids absolutely love this for breakfast and it sure frees up a lot of your time cooking.

The baked french toast can be topped with anything you prefer we chose apples and blueberries for this one.

You may also like to try our quick breakfast sandwiches they are so easily made in a muffin pan Baked Egg Cupcakes.

Scroll down for this printable recipe and give this one a try you won't be sorry!

this is a baked french toast with apples and blueberries


Homemade Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Homemade Pork Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits are just the perfect all in one breakfast biscuits.

They're super tasty and so easy to make plus who could resist all that melted cheddar cheese inside.

Of course, they can be an addition to any meal alongside a pot of chili or hearty stew but they're just great for any time of the day or snacking.

The best part is making these ahead of time, they freeze perfectly and taste great reheated so they are surely a time saver if you're in a hurry.

The kids absolutely love these for breakfast and they're totally portable to take with them on the go.

The biscuits are tender and flaky and taste great plain or even with a little butter brushed over the top.

If your family loves breakfast sandwiches you may also like to try our Baked Egg Cupcakes.

Scroll down for this printable recipe and give this one a try you won't be sorry!

these are biscuits loaded with pork breakfast sausage and extra sharp shredded cheddar cheese


Italian Pasta Ceci

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Italian Pasta Ceci is an Italian dish know here in America as Pasta and Chickpeas.

Grandma sure knew how to stretch a great meal and this dish, as it fed a lot of people.

Back in the old country as she called her birthplace, Rome, Italy, this was referred to as depression food.

It was an inexpensive meal that fed the family and pure comfort food.

This dish tastes great and shouts Italian in every bite.

As years went on it became more and more comforting to remember Grandma at the stove handing down those traditional recipes for my kids to enjoy.

I make this all winter long at least once a month.

My entire family still enjoys those childhood "depression foods" that now became more gourmet being it's not found in any restaurant.

I really believe when times were tough back in the 1930s and before that, Grandma's talent for creating fabulous meals was the best then and now.

My Italian grandmother knew how to make a great meal from when she was 12 and came to the U.S. on a boat at 16.

Mom made wonderful pasta dishes quickly like pasta with Italian sausage, baked cavatelli, pasta fagioli, quick lasagna, and a favorite Italian goulash.

She always made a huge pot for the whole family, and in Utica, my hometown, this was surely on and still is, on many menus there.

Utica is famous for Tomato Pie, Italian Greens, Italian Lemon Ice, Pizza Fritta, Chicken Riggies, Manny's Cheesecake, Oscugnizzo Pizza, Pusties and Rosato Chocolate Cookies.

This is a very old fashioned Italian favorite I grew up on scroll down to the recipe and print it off.

Italian Pasta Ceci  Chickpeas and Pasta old fashioned garbanzo beans with macaroni


Coconut Flour Coffee Cake

Monday, January 25, 2021
Coconut flour is one of those flours hard to work with without the right ratio of ingredients, this coconut flour coffee cake is light, moist, and fluffy.

The cake isn't overly sweet and made from scratch and perfect with any hot beverage.

Not only is this cake super simple to make but so versatile for serving as you can leave the topping off and add just fresh fruits.

This cake tastes great plain also and perfect for folks watching their sugar intake, as it has very little in it.

With just a few ingredients, this is truly one of the easiest scratch cakes I ever made and it's so delicious.

The cake makes a small 8-inch cake and a great little treat at breakfast or brunch.

If you love coffee cake you may also like to try our "Sour Cream Coffee Cake".

Scroll down to get this easy homemade printable recipe.

this is a coffee cake on a white plate with palm trees in the back. The cake is made with coconut flour and has a streusel topping with walnuts


New York Style Cheesecake

Sunday, January 24, 2021
This is a family favorite cheesecake I make every year for my husband's birthday, New York Style Cheesecake.

If you're looking for an Authentic style N.Y. cheesecake this is it, yes a little work but so worth it!

There so many styles and different kinds of cheesecakes and the biggest difference in New York Style Cheesecake is very heavy with cream cheese.

New York Style Cheesecake, No-Bake Cheesecake Pie, Ricotta Cheesecake, (and Other Non-Cream Cheese) Vegan Cheesecake and Savory Cheesecake.

Other style cheesecakes rely upon heavy cream or sour cream that creates a thinner silkier batter.

The typical New York cheesecake is rich and has a dense, smooth, and creamy consistency.

Scroll all the way down to the end of the recipe card if you would like a printable copy and step by step instructions.

this is a cheesecake ny style on a plastic cake tray with whole glazed strawberries on top


Zucchini Tomato Tart

Saturday, January 23, 2021
What better way to use fresh tomatoes than with this healthy delicious baked zucchini tomato tart?

It's great for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Add some grilled chicken or meat and this also makes a great side dish.

This tart really goes with anything and anytime.

We really love it as it is light for the summer months and since we have a beautiful garden and grow our own tomatoes and zucchini this is a win-win to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

When you serve this to friends and family, don't be surprised they think it took all day for you to do and more gourmet than just a usual tart to serve.

You can make this elegant and serve it on a bed of fresh lettuce greens if you really want to wow your family or guests.

Zucchini is so good for you and tastes great in so many recipes we like and you may also like to try our quick version for Zucchini Crustless Quiche or our Zucchini Lasagna

Scroll down to the recipe card for this easy recipe to bake your tart today.

this is a pastry crust tart like quiche filled and baked with mozzarella cheese, zucchini shredded and sliced tomatoes in a rich egg filling into the crust and baked


Coconut Shrimp with Dipping Sauces

Friday, January 22, 2021
Here is a crunchy coconut coated shrimp with delicious orange or coconut dipping sauces, baked, air fried, or conventionally stovetop fried.

Shrimp is a family favorite and that little sweetness makes these a nice change from another classic like Shrimp Scampi in a butter wine sauce we love both styles.

These are usually served as an appetizer but I personally can make a whole meal out of them especially with a side of Grandma's Fettuccine which is a light pasta version.

Of course, there are many substitutions you can use for shrimp like lobster or crab just check my suggestions below.

During the holiday, mom would make a variety of seafood dishes including a Christmas Eve in celebration of the 7 Fishes this shrimp recipe makes one more for our Christmas holiday menu.

Scroll down and let's get started with this easy recipe that's super simple and delicious!

these are baked coconut shrimp in orange marmalade dipping sauce


Mom's East End Sausage Pasta Sauce

Thursday, January 21, 2021
Well, this has a little story behind the recipe for Mom's East End Sausage Pasta Sauce.

Back in my hometown, Utica New York and often called little Italy, my family made a special sauce with meat and fresh tomatoes.

After simmering the sauce (you can use either a slow cooker or now instant pot) mom only made this on the stovetop, this special over the top flavored style chunky bolognese sauce was perfection.

Mom made her own homemade sausage, meatballs, and sauce from scratch, but you can substitute already made frozen kinds if you like.

There are even other options for vegetable suggestions you can add depending on what you prefer.

Served over linguine it's absolutely delicious.

Mom always made regular tomato sauce and occasionally this was a nice change for our Sunday dinner.

I loved all the pasta dishes she created like pasta ceci, baked cavatelli, pasta fagioli, quick lasagna, and a favorite Italian goulash.

We always had the usual breakfast on Sunday morning with homemade tomato pie,
fried meatballs, and when she made this sauce with our favorite pasta we always looked forward to it.

Thursdays were always leftover pasta day, but we rarely had leftovers!

Scroll down to the recipe card for this hearty meal, it's old world and vintage!

This is a rich Italian bolognese sauce with sausage, sirloin hamburger, tomatoes, over spaghetti  pasta, with peppers and garlic on a


Party Food Recipe Menu

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Here is Party Food Men for planning with recipes that can be anything from a whole meal, appetizers a great variety assortment of finger foods.

I always like to have an assortment of meat, vegetables, and finger foods so there's something for everyone.

There are certain recipes that are always a big hit, so today I did a little roundup for the ones that are the most asked for.

One thing I learned over the years is variety is the spice of life and everyone is so different.

My favorite parties are the ones who have set up serving bars with toppings that will accommodate even the pickiest of eaters.

Try assorted salad dressings for sauce, keep chopped vegetables on a tray lined with pretty lettuce, and always have melted cheese in a small slow cooker.

Of course, the toppings you choose for sandwiches, salads, or even potatoes can be endless, just keep things cold, hot, and safe at all times is my rule of thumb!

I like to place my salad over a large bowl of ice and also keep anything that's hot on a warming tray those are two must-haves when throwing a party.

You may remember my best potato side dishes or a roundup of fun patriotic red white and blue holiday appetizers?

Scroll down to my recipe card for delicious filling ideas for finger sandwich favorites and so much more to plan your next party menu and make a smashing hit party everyone will remember for years to come.

this is collage of party foods with photos of each one


Chicken Broth Recipe and Tips

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Mom taught us at an early age how to make the perfect clear chicken broth and here is the instructions with her many tips.

Back in the 1950s mom never used canned broth, everything was made from scratch it was economical along with healthier as it had no preservatives in it.

Whatever chicken parts she found on sale, (sometimes even a whole chicken) was made into this easy broth then using that same chicken, she made other meals with it.

This is a simple process and with very basic instructions and comes out perfect everytime.

The real trick to perfect clear broth and tips are throughout this post.

The instructions will make enough to freeze in small 2 cups containers to use in future meals.

This perfect starter is also great for Grandma's Old Fashioned Chicken Soup, that's my personal favorite.

After making this once,you will never buy canned again and you will always have some on hand to use whenever needed.

Just scroll down to my printable recipe card for this easy broth recipe.

this is a clear chicken broth and how to make perfect broth


Southwestern Chicken Chili

Monday, January 18, 2021
Southwest Chicken Chili is a delicious combination of flavors with many vegetables and a great meal all in one pan that cooks quickly.

The flavors in this chili are far from the normal meat chili since it has corn and thickened with finely ground tortilla chips and loads of tomatoes.

We love that Southwestern flair, it's a nice change from all the regular old fashioned style chili with ground beef in it.

This recipe is so much fun to serve because you can set up a serving bar for topping and make it however your family loves.

This chili can also be adapted easily to making it a soup just by adding more chicken broth.

I love the fact that this easy pot of delicious chili can be made with a rotisserie chicken off the bone or using leftover grilled chicken gives it a smokey flavor.

This can be made on the stovetop, instant pot of slow cooker, and super easy to throw together to feed a crowd.

If you are a huge fan of chili, we have other fun delicious recipes to try like our Chili Cheese Dog Burgers, Merlot Chili, or Venison Chili, they're all family favorites.

Scroll down to get our printable recipe card for two styles Southwest Chili or the soup version both equally delicious Southwest Recipes.

this is a bowl of southwest soup with chips, sour cream and jalapenos


Peanut Butter Cracker Stuffed Brownies

Sunday, January 17, 2021
These Peanut Butter Cracker Stuffed Brownies are a buttery cracker slathered with peanut butter surrounded by a homemade fabulous scratch brownie.

If you're a peanut butter fan you will love these flavor combinations, the stuffing reminds me of a girl scout tagalong cookie stuffed inside an amazing homemade fudgy chocolate brownie.

With just a few pantry ingredients you can make the easiest chocolate brownie recipe in no time or just use your favorite store-bought mix.

The cracker will taste more like a crunchy cookie when baked in the batter and with peanut butter, on top, they're simply decadently delicious.

If you're a brownie fan you can also try my Layered Peanut Butter Brownies and my fabulous 2 Ingredient Nutella Brownies.

Scroll down and print off this easy dessert recipe.


Layered Peanut Butter Brownies

Friday, January 15, 2021
Layered Peanut Butter Brownies are a semi-homemade dessert with a peanut butter fudge layer and fudgy chocolate base.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I have been asked to make this easy recipe and the layers are decadently delicious.

With just a few pantry ingredients and a doctored brownie or chocolate cake mix, you'll have a very impressive simple brownie on your tables.

This easy recipe will astound everyone, especially how the top layer does its magic in the oven creating this peanut butter fudge topping.

If you like doctored cake mix recipes also try my other two popular recipes one being a Red Velvet Semi-Homemade Recipe and my fabulous Cake Mix Banana Cake, they both taste like they were made from scratch.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card and check out this super simple recipe everyone that's a peanut butter lover will enjoy.

this is a fudge topped brownie the first layer is peanut butter and the second is a chocolate cake


Guinness Beer Marinade for Ribeye Steaks

Thursday, January 14, 2021
This marinade using beer is great for so many meats but we love Guinness Beer to marinate our Ribeye Steaks, it's such a great meal and perfect for a St. Parick's Day celebration meal.

These flavors are wonderful in this recipe, it's a little spicy and a little sweet, the combination of flavor is perfect on whatever you choose with my suggestions below.

We even like a little of this marinade to saute mushrooms in for a great topping for our steaks.

No matter what cut of meat you choose to use this marinade on it will surely please any meat lover, it's even great on hamburgers!

If you haven't tried cooking with darker beers like a stout, the beer marinade is a perfect tenderizer every time with a subtle flavoring not strong as it cooks away.

We love using Guinness Irish Beer in recipes, you may also like to try our Guinness Irish Recipes and More, we have lots to choose from to cook with it or bake!

The flavors in this marinade will be addicting so that's a fair warning, it's hard to use any other after trying this one, it's so delicious so if you love stout beer, try this easy recipe.

To get this recipe just scroll down to the printable card below and save this when you're ready to make the best marinade for steak ever!

this is a ribeye steak marinated in Guinness Beer


Air Fried or Oven Roasted Fan Potatoes

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Air Fried or Oven Roasted Fan Potatoes are also often referred to as hassleback potatoes and an elegantly fun way to serve your spuds!

Slices of cooked russet potatoes can be made in several different cooking methods.

Perfect for a side dish, or great in a hobo dinner packet plus these can be served plain or topped with my many suggestions below.

We really loved them air fried with less fat involved but baked, boiled, or microwaved they are all delicious so you get to choose below those suggestive methods of cooking.

If you love potatoes you may also like to try my Twice Baked Potatoes Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes, or check out my Best Potato Recipe Roundup, all terrific with any meal!

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for this delicious recipe.

these are hasselback potatoes or fan potatoes air fried on foil


Easy Heart Shaped Foods

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
If you're looking for easy foods in the shape of a heart, I have a few ideas that can be done quickly for Valentine's Day or just that special occasion for someone you love.

I have to think of foods that were solid and easy to cut into shapes, I am sure there are plenty more ideas you will come up with, these are just a few to get started.

Fruits, cheese, meats, and bread are always the easiest and certainly the quickest.

You may have a dinner party, anniversary or it's that holiday that you may like to make special.

From appetizers to entrees and desserts, just scroll through our heart-shaped foods, and enjoy the breakfast lunch, or dinner.

Adapt away and use whatever you like for substitutes whether it's a premade store-bought brand or all homemade recipes, you can choose to cut times.

For those celebrating a holiday, you may want to try my 30 Appetizer and Side Dish Roundup or my Valentine's Day Roundup or recipes also.

Most of the instructions are visual and in the additions section below the hamburgers, meatballs, and pizza dough are all shaped by hand.

I will include all those ideas in my ideas in the recipe card below with links to recipes I used, and tips, just scroll to the bottom of this page.

this is a collage of all heart shaped foods


Italian Parmesan Style Meatloaf

Monday, January 11, 2021
Italian Parmesan Style Meatloaf is loaded with sauce and cheese just like it sounds!

If you love Chicken Parmesan or any Italian Baked Ziti smothered in cheese, then you will love my meatloaf Italian Style!

It's truly a gourmet version and everyone loves this version.

This is served with a homemade marinara tomato sauce and not ketchup like the American version.

The meatloaf taste like a oversized meatball and perfect for leftovers the next day in sandwiches.

There are so many versions of meatloaf and this is our family favorite and the most asked for.

Scroll down to the recipe card to print off the instructions all the way to the bottom of the page.

this is meatloaf smothered with provolone cheese and marinara sauce


Ham and Potatoes Au Gratin

Friday, January 8, 2021
If you're looking for a great side dish or casserole that can be a whole meal in itself, this Ham and Potatoes Au Gratin will be your new favorite recipe.

This casserole is a blend of creamy cheddar and provolone cheese sauce clinging to thinly sliced potatoes and diced ham chunks and so simple to make.

Our family loves this one-pan meal and it's great for using up leftover ham and milk you're trying to use up.

Just about anything can be added to this delicious easy casserole,  just check out my additional suggestions below.

If you have potato and cheese lovers in your home, they're going to love this dish.

You can also just leave the meat out and make this a simple cheese and potato side dish either way it comes out perfect every time.

For all my potato lovers, don't miss my roundup of favorite recipes Best Potatoes Recipes, and also check out my Air Fried Home Fries recipe for all my air fryer fans out there.

Check out this simple recipe and print it out in the recipe card and don't forget to check out my tips.

this is a casserole made with potatoes, leftover ham and lots of cheese


Leftover Meat Pasta and Beans

Thursday, January 7, 2021
Leftover Italian Meat Pasta and Beans is the perfect way to use up the leftover sauce!

Sunday was always pasta day and mom made enough to feed an army, so most of the time we had a house full and most of it would be gone.

Whenever we had leftover sauce, meatballs, and sausage she repurposed them many ways whether it was a submarine sandwich or a great new comfort bowl of this pasta and beans we loved it.

Honestly, half the time we have no idea she didn't start from scratch and made a new meal, she always seemed to doctored things up to taste like a whole new meal!

Even though we love our meatball covered sandwiches or sliced meatballs on a pizza, pasta Fagioli in Sunday Sauce is comforting and the perfect Italian meal using up those leftovers.

Not an American goulash by any stretch of the imagination but mom certainly knew how to stretch the budget and save time and money nothing ever went to waste, at least not in the 1960s those days were tough economic times.

When you grow up struggling to feed a large family, you learn quickly and improvise.

This was a family favorite for sure. Here are tips and suggestions below on using leftovers deliciously!

this is a big pot of leftover crushed meatballs and sausage to make beans meat and pasta


Long Grain and Wild Rice Recipe

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
It doesn't get much easier than this side dish and making Wild Rice perfectly, just follow my simple directions.

Wild rice is a staple and well know in Minnesota and Canada where most of the rice comes from.

Perfect for a side dish with any meat you choose and done in around 45 minutes.

Although you can choose to cook this in plain water, I always do mine in chicken broth or beef broth which makes it perfectly yummy!

If you love rice recipes you may also like to try my Easy Fried Rice, Mom's Spanish Rice Recipe, Rice Almondine Marsala, and for dessert try our Easy Baked Minute Rice Pudding.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for this delicious recipe.

this is a scoop of long grain and wild rice and how to make it from scratch on a white plate recipe


Healthy Baked Chicken with Mushrooms, Tomato and Peppers

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
This is an easy low-calorie Panko Crusted Baked Chicken with Tomato and Peppers that's a terrific one-pan meal.

The chicken is baked in a casserole pan with fresh herbs, fresh tomatoes, sliced peppers and I even have a list of other yummy suggestions you can add.

Also, a low-calorie dinner that's perfect when you want a healthy lighter meal.

It's vibrant colors just shout summer and then with just a touch of this toasted panko bread crumb and grated cheese topping it compliments the freshly sliced tomatoes.

If you're looking for an easy dish, quick with just a few ingredients, this is perfect.

Then if there happen to be any leftovers, chopped this all up and serve it over a bed of white rice, on top of your favorite salad, or even in a low carb tortilla wrap.

If you're always looking for a new way to prepare chicken this is a flavorful delicious and easy recipe.

Chicken is one of our family's favorite meats and eating healthy like this meal never tasted so good.

We also have two other favorites using chicken like our  Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore, or Slow Cooker Asian Chicken with Broccoli those are two more for you to try out!

Scroll down to print off this easy one pan recipe!

this is the chicken baked in the oven topped with bread crumbs, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms browned


Mom's Italian Stuffed Baked Shells

Monday, January 4, 2021
Mom's Italian Baked Stuffed Shells are an amazing stuffed pasta filled with ricotta cheese with melted mozzarella and loaded with freshly made Traditional Sunday Sauce.

Mom saved this recipe for special holiday times either for Easter, Christmas, or even for a family house wedding party, and considered these her specialty back in the 1950s.

These jumbo pasta shells are perfect for entertaining and for any occasion, they are simple to make with a few basic ingredients.

Through the years we have added spinach in the ricotta or even made them stuffed with meatballs and sausage from noncheese lovers, so the stuffing can be very versatile and adapted.

If you're a cheese lover then you are going to love these stuffed shells because they are loaded with ricotta, Pecorino Romano, and melted mozzarella for that homerun cheese lover all in one pan.

We love all kinds of baked pasta and you may also like to try Mom's Baked Lasagna recipe, it's a family favorite also.

Scroll down to the bottom for this fantastic version of Mom's recipe for baked stuffed shells.

these are an authentic baked stuffed jumbo pasta shell with ricotta filling


Smoked Venison Tenderloin

Sunday, January 3, 2021
Just when you think you've made the best recipe for any roast, this Smoked Venison Tenderloin comes along and knocks it out of the park and over the top delicious.

When you have the opportunity to have this juicy tender tenderloin, this should be the first recipe you try.

Although any beef, pork, or even chicken can be used in its place if you don't have a hunter in your family, this recipe is fabulous for the smoker, grill, or even instant pot.

I have given the instructions for all those cooking methods below and then some tips along the way to help you make the best tenderloin roast ever.

If you're a venison fan, you are in for a real treat and this bacon-wrapped venison tenderloin is the best with my espresso rub in the beer you will ever cook and serve to family and friends.

We love venison cabernet hamburgers, venison chili, and fried venison steak cutlets, those are all favorites just waiting for all venison loving readers out there!.

Scroll down to the bottom for this fantastic way to smoke venison tenderloin.

this is a delicious smoked venison tenderloin wrapped in bacon cooked in beer in a tin foil roasting pan


Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce and Sicilian Pizza

Saturday, January 2, 2021
Pizza is my favorite food and a thick Sicilian Pizza style is one we make with Grandma's Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce with her homemade pizza sauce and the best we ever had.

A traditional Authentic sauce starts with the freshest homemade ingredients from start to finish.

That actually means you must use fresh herbs, fresh spices, homemade dough, and the highest quality tomatoes to make a great pizza, not just a good one.

Whether you love thick pizza or thin pizza this fantastic homemade pizza sauce will be the deal-breaker on every pizza you've ever tasted in an American kitchen with a straight from an Italian flavor that's over 150 years old.

Grandma only made everything from scratch recipes, and she was from Rome, Italy which we got had her thin-crust pizza recipe.

Then from time to time, we enjoyed a thick Sicilian-style pizza that was a nice change once in awhile and used the same delicious sauce on top.

Scroll down to get Grandma's printable homemade pizza sauce recipe it's the tastiest and easiest sauce you will ever make in an American kitchen that's taste authentic right from Italy.

this is an authentic Italian freshly made pizza sauce with tomato chunks and basil


New Year's Healthy Green Brunch Recipes

Friday, January 1, 2021
If you're looking to start off the New Year in a healthy way as well as bring yourself good luck (as it's said that many countries around the world make greens, beans, or both), then check out this leafy green brunch roundup here today!

Greens such as escarole, romaine, cabbage, and spinach look like money so they're thought to bring the best of luck when the New Year starts, (or even green beans are part of this superstition) anything green you cook will start a good luck tradition.

Not only are all these green leafy meals delicious, but they're also a healthy way to kick off the New Year with a light nutritious diet after all those every laden meal over the Christmas holiday season.

Besides leafy greens, many countries around the world also celebrate New Years' eating different green foods, for example, beans are a big tradition in Italy and many folks are eating green lentils with sausages (cotechino con lenticchie) which is another sign of money because they're green.

In the Southern states, they usually serve black-eyed peas and collard greens, which our Italian version is Escarole and Beans.

No matter what food you choose to make, something that's is healthy and green, is perfect to start the year with is with a positive attitude and be hopeful for good changes in the year to come.

Scroll through our lucky recipe choice menu roundup recipe foods to enjoy, we love them all and wishing you the best of everything delicious to come!

this is a collage of green lucky recipes that resemble money for New Year's Day